Friday, March 5, 2010

Starting a Blog: I Have Thoughts

So I am starting a blog. I have to admit my curiosity in this new trend began after watching Julie and Julia. I'm sure the number of blogs written has risen since this film was produced. I think the moment I felt like maybe I could write one myself is when Julie comes home from visiting in friends and tells her husband, "I could write a blog. I have thoughts." My husband watched part of that movie with me for once. Usually he falls asleep immediately on movie night. This time he had made it through maybe the first half. But a few days later he did tell me he thought I should do it. I asked why and he said I get enough comments on facebook that people like to read what I write. Lame reason but it got me thinking. Even if people didn't read it, I would at least have an outlet for my thoughts througout the day. I am a stay at home mother. Because it is true. I do have thoughts. And except for my seven month old who I love dearly, I am alone quite frequently. So here goes... Day One of Blogging. And by the way, I am sure people are wondering about the name I have chosen. Tilly is a nickname I occasionally am called by and Mommy is what I get called most so combined I have created my own pseudonym. Aren't I clever?

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